Hiring an Online Personal Trainer (Is it Right for You?)

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The #1 thing I hear the most about what holds people back from their fitness goals: “it’s too expensive.” The food, the gym membership, the personal trainer, it all adds up! Believe me, I know. That’s why I’m here!

A personal trainer can be an integral part of someone’s fitness lifestyle, but it can definitely be a hassle or time crunch and wallet buster. So what’s an alternative? An Online Personal Trainer. 

Getting online coaching can help you save money and travel time. Some of us just don’t have a gym nearby, let alone an access to a personal trainer, or dietitian. Some of us are moms who can’t leave their children at home or college kids stuck in a dorm.

In this digital age, a fitness instructor, personal trainer or dietitian can be quite literally at your fingertips on your computer screen. What a world!

Who is an Online Personal Trainer?

Online training is basically like going to see a personal trainer or dietitian but without having to drive to meet them!

These trainers come in all shapes, sizes, specialties and ways of contact!

Many programs are available. Some are standard programs that you purchase for a set fee; the cookie cutter approach. Other programs can be personalized to your needs. Generally the more personalized the program the higher the price.


All Trainers are NOT Created Equal

You’ll want to check their qualifications, though. Make sure you do your research! Someone who is uncertified should NOT be telling you how to lift weights. Check out my post on Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer BEFORE You Hire Them!

Is it Right for You?

Whether you are just looking for motivation, a specific diet plan or a personalized to your needs, online personal training may be something you consider in the future as we move forward in the age of technology.

*While this works for many, some personality types may not succeed as well with online training*

Unlike in-person training you won’t get the same motivation and encouragement that you do during a 1-on-1 session so bear that in mind if you are the type of person that needs a real kick up the booty during your workout sessions rather than a virtual one!

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